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After your inquiry, our process kicks off with a discovery meeting, where your input sets the stage for an in-depth exploration of filming possibilities in Croatia and/or neighboring countries.

Based on what you tell us at the meeting, we send you a brief, putting in a written form your requirements the way we understood them. That way you can verify we understood you well and check whether we really are on the same page. The brief outlines the scope of work for us.

Through meticulous research, we identify locations that fit your needs, goals and budget. If it is within the scope we agreed upon, we also provide details on available equipment, crew, transportation, accommodation, logistics and anything else you’d need.

Following this, we either arrange a virtual meeting to present our proposal, or send you a written presentation of our proposed solutions to your specific needs. We showcase a selection of potential locations, empowering you with choices aligned to your vision and budget.

Experience a seamless transition from inquiry to insight to pre production, as your filming journey in Croatia unfolds.

RECCE trips with the crew
PERMITS for Filming & Locations

Our team at Croatian Locations takes charge of the entire permit acquisition process.

With our seasoned team’s extensive experience, we adeptly navigate the complexities of permit requirements, ensuring your production proceeds uninterrupted and in compliance with all regulations.

From standard permits to municipal and city authorizations, permits for national parks or nature reserves, to specialized permits and closures for locations or roads, we ensure a hassle-free experience.

Additionally, we manage drone permits for capturing breathtaking aerial shots, providing you with a comprehensive solution for all your permit-related needs.

TALENT - Sourcing, Hiring, Payroll

We handle the entire process, from sourcing, interviewing and vetting and the right talent for your project to managing the hiring process, overseeing payroll, and conducting casting sessions.

Our team excels in identifying talent that aligns with your project’s requirements.

We manage the hiring process efficiently, handling all necessary paperwork and ensuring a smooth onboarding experience for the selected talent.

Additionally, our service extends to payroll management, guaranteeing timely and accurate compensation for the hired talent throughout the production period.

For projects requiring casting sessions, our experts conduct thorough and professional casting to discover individuals who best fit your creative vision.

With us, your talent needs are met with precision and professionalism, allowing you to focus on bringing your creative vision to life.


During the crucial pre-production and planning stage, from planning for the initial location scouting in Croatia and/or the region, negotiating with location owners, to obtaining the necessary permits, our well-tried and proven process transforms selected locations into well-defined settings.

We also take charge of securing local talent, an experienced local crew, top-notch equipment, reliable vehicles, top-quality accommodation solutions and anything else you might need.

At this stage, we excel in planning comprehensive film production logistics and delivering detailed cost quotations, making sure we save your budget wherever possible.

Our efficient approach ensures a seamless transition from concept to concrete plans for your successful film or TV production in Croatia.


Delve into the heart of our Location Management & Services, where we meticulously handle every facet of your chosen locations.

Our seasoned team initiates the process by conducting thorough searches to discover ideal spots, ensuring they meet your project’s requirements.

As we obtain the necessary permits and sign contracts, our commitment extends to the ongoing management of these locations and maintaining liaison with their owners.

Intricate logistics are a cornerstone of our service, encompassing everything from the setup of essential infrastructure to the installation of fences for added security, creating a controlled and organized environment for your production.

This comprehensive approach guarantees that every detail related to the locations is seamlessly managed, providing you with the peace of mind needed for a successful shoot.

Our Location Management & Services encompass detailed planning, including strategically mapping out crew parking, catering spots, and other crucial logistics on each location, ensuring a well-organized filming environment tailored to your project’s specific needs.

DRONE SERVICES - Filming, Consulting & Support

In the realm of Drone Services – Filming, Consulting & Support, our team extends beyond providing an experienced in-house drone pilot with an insured and registered drone and all necessary exams and certificates.

Serving as your local drone Operator (not to be confused with the actual drone pilot), we offer comprehensive consulting and support for your drone pilot.

Our dedicated approach involves navigating the intricacies of registering your drone pilot with the Croatian flight control, registering your drone with CCAA, securing insurance for the drone, and facilitating the application to reserve airspace.

Moreover, we acquaint you with all the regulations for safe flying in Croatia.

As part of our commitment to safety and compliance, we facilitate the entire process, ensuring that your drone operations adhere to the regulations in place, providing you with a worry-free experience.

LOCAL CREW - Sourcing, Hiring, Payroll

Navigating the local landscape, we source, hire, and manage a skilled local crew tailored to your production’s specific needs.

Our extensive network includes professionals such as camera operators, camera assistants, runners, production assistants, security personnel, medical staff, and even construction workers for the set.

We handle the entire hiring process seamlessly, from recruitment to payroll management, ensuring that your production is equipped with a dedicated and proficient local crew.

You can trust us to assemble a team that contributes to the success of your project.

LOCATION SCOUTING + Photo & Video / Drone

Embark on a journey with us during the Location Scouting phase, where we traverse chosen locations, meeting with talent, property owners and with regional/County and municipal/city authorities to secure essential permits.

If needed our trip involves visits to police for special filming permits or road closures.

Utilizing both camera and drone, we capture stunning visuals of locations, talent, and logistical details. We document everything – from potential film sites to nearby amenities like stores, hospitals, airports and more.

Why is location scouting crucial?

It’s an investment that pays off – saving time and money during the recce and production stages. We consider it an essential step, though we understand budget constraints and are adept at adapting to on-the-go scenarios for productions that can’t afford this phase.

Notably, our team conducts this phase locally, leveraging our extensive knowledge and expertise in the region’s terrain. This ensures an authentic understanding of the area.

Moreover, we’re open to coordinating location scouting with members from your production team, fostering a cohesive and collaborative experience tailored to your unique needs.

Partner with us on this journey with confidence, knowing our seasoned team brings valuable insights to every scouting endeavor.

RENTALS - Filming Gear, Cars...

In our Rentals service, we cultivate strong partnerships with reputable providers for an array of essential production needs.

This encompasses filming equipment, prop rental, crew vehicles and specialty acting vehicles including campers for makeup and on-site wardrobe, production offices and storage containers, portable toilets and showers, silent and “noisy” power generators, gazebos and tents, tables, benches and chairs, security services, catering, craft and more.

Through our extensive collaborations, we negotiate competitive prices, ensuring that you have access to top-quality resources for every aspect of your production.

Moreover, our offerings extend to include holistic solutions to create a comfortable, well-equipped, and efficient filming environment tailored precisely to the unique requirements of your project.

LOGISTICS - Procurement & Transportation

Navigating the intricacies of Logistics, Procurement, Transportation and similar services, we provide comprehensive support for your shoot.

From arranging transportation for crew and talent to procuring unique items like hay bales for the set, our extensive experience ensures that no request catches us off guard.

We furnish your team with detailed maps containing addresses and coordinates for all locations, minimizing the risk of getting lost.

Additionally, we meticulously calculate travel times, mark parking spots on maps, and acquaint drivers with local driving regulations in Croatia.

In terms of procurement, we go far beyond the basics like ensuring your crew is supplied with essentials such as water and snacks.

Our dedication extends to obtaining any specialized items your project may require, offering a logistical solutions for a successful production.

PRODUCTION - Full Support

Step onto the set with confidence, knowing that we provide unwavering support throughout each production phase.

Our experienced team is right there with you, orchestrating coordination among all hired personnel.

With due attention to detail, we ensure every aspect of the production runs smoothly.

Benefit from our comprehensive production support, which extends to managing logistics, procurement and locations, overseeing talent and crew, and addressing any unforeseen challenges that may arise.

Our hands-on approach guarantees a well-executed production, from start to finish.

Trust us for full support, enabling you to concentrate on the creative process while we handle the intricacies of local production with professionalism and dedication.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and our commitment to excellence ensures a production experience that exceeds expectations, making us your dedicated partners in bringing your creative vision to reality.

Let’s make your project a reality!

Reach out to us and let the production magic begin.