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– Mirta Jušić Dovođa, Producer, CEO
– Edo Šturlić, VP
MIRTA PRODUKCIJA d.o.o. Karasmani 3 A 10090 Zagreb Croatia

Finding a location for a show that has been on air for 15 seasons is never an easy task. Finding good fixers, wherever that might be, is probably an even harder task. We had a precise, but complex request, which they understood right away. I reach out to Mirta Productions LLC because of the number of referrals the company already had and I have to say they exceeded any expectations we might have had. Their knowledge and professionalism made this collaboration a true pleasure and we felt in really good hands with Edo and Mirta. They are a great team and really complete each other. They introduced us to very efficient tools that we are planning to continue using within our company. They provided us with useful insights into the local culture and customs which helped guide us throughout the project. We sincerely hope we will have the pleasure of working with them again very soon and we would definitely recommend them to any crew visiting Croatia in the future.

Carine Sansregret

Director, international business development, Productions Toros

Mirta Jusic has been employed as fixer and researcher in Croatia on specific projects for Channel Seven Australia. I was the producer on two of the assignments for the network’s flagship current affairs program Saturday Night. Mirta was required to assist our investigation, provide transport and accommodation, act as a translator and convince officials to be part of our story.

Our investigation was of a sensitive nature and Mirta handled the challenges of the project with professionalism, integrity and determination. Mirta also fitted in well with our film crew and quickly became part of our small team. Our story was a success and we went on to use Mirta on other projects.

We would have no hesitation in working with Mirta again or in recommending her for work with other media organisations in the future.

Dale Paget

Supervising Producer, Sunday Night, Seven Network (Channel 7), Australia

In the summer of 2016 I worked with Mirta on a shoot in Croatia for the UKTV/Discovery Channel/Discovery Science series ‘Abandoned Engineering‘. The shoot required extensive negotiations with the authorities in both Croatia and Bosnia as it took place on a very hazardous abandoned airbase on the border. Marta did a great job in getting the required permits organised and in establishing a good working relationship with the local police who accompanied the crew. Despite the terrible weather on the first day of the shoot and some delays caused by our police escort, Mirta was consistently cheerful and ready to sort out problems. I would be happy to work with her again. 

David Caldwell-Evans

Writer, Producer, Director, Like a Shot Production for Discovery Science

Giving reference for Mirta for a big documentary project, Kate said:

Our time together in Croatia was rather hectic and often stressful as we raced from border to border chasing the flow of refugees. I would not hesitate to recommend you for this project and think you have good skills for documentary production, research and character development.

Kate Parkinson

Correspondent, Reporter, CCTV America

Edo Sturlic was employed by RAW Television as the Camera Assistant on the filming of the Discovery Programme “Unexplained Files 2”, in Bosnia, May 2014.

Edo was a very good Camera Assistant. He was hard working, took initiative and performed his tasks with enthusiasm. Edo was a very pleasant and invaluable member of the team.
As Director of Photography I can highly recommend Edo as a Camera Assistant.

Andrew Muggleton

Director of Photography, RAW Television for Discovery Channel

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Click to see details and pictures from the documentary shooting on location at Zeljava, the former military airport.
Click to see details and pictures from the documentary shooting on location at Zeljava, the former military airport.